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The performance – 7th day

The morning was used to finalized the performance and the general rehearsal.In the afternoon the final performance was presented to the audience. The performance was about conflict, on the individual way to act toward it and on conflict management. In the second part of the performance was represented one of the case study (chosen before) and the audience had the chance to enter the scene and to replace the oppressed. After every change a discussion on the different ways of observing, on the possible ways of acting and on the alternative solutions provided, were done.
At the end of the performance was organized the final evaluation were participants and trainers analyzed every part of the workshop and provided comments.
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Representation of case studies on conflicts – 6th day

The workshop aimed at developing the representation of the case studies and the final performance on Forum Theater.
The morning session was used to represent the case study on conflict: the three groups, created yesterday, represented their case study: before the representation every character was interview and his peculiarities were analyzed.
Then one case study was chosen for the final performance and was represented several times following the rules of the Forum Theatre: the scene is represented the first time by the actors (there are different actors on the stage and the oppressor and the oppressed has to be well pointed out) and the audience attend. Then the scene is represented for the second time and the spectators have a double … Read more »

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Dance and imagination – 5th day

The workshop was divided in two parts: one on dance and one on theater and conflicts.
We started with a warming up, then every body was involved in a dance on the floor, the task was to maintain the hands and feet stick on the ground, in the meantime was possible to interact with the others during the dance. The second level of the activity was aimed at imaging situations / settings / events: dance become in that way a channel to express the imagined things and to represent them using three levels – low, medium, high. Also in this part was possible to interact with the others and with their dances.
The second part on the workshop was finalized to the … Read more »

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La povera Cecilia – 4th day

The workshop was divided in two parts: the morning was about the song La povera Cecilia and the afternoon was about dance.
In the morning the group learned the last part of the song and developed the work on the chore: participants were divided in smaller subgroups that represented one of the characters of the story (the storyteller, the Poor Cecilia, the Husband and the Captain). Then the setting of the song on stage was prepared and well organized.
The work aimed at making participants aware of the importance of listening the others and at empowering their capability to act in the chore.
Then they and trainers developed the song analysis: the different characters and their way of acting were discussed; the … Read more »

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Training on voice – 3rd day

The workshop was about voice and singing.
Participants entered the workshop room, accompanied by the music of a Roman stornello (traditional, popular song). Then they did some exercises on breathing, on the use of diaphragm and on warming up the voice.
Then La povera Cecilia was presented: it’s a song on conflict where different characters are acting. Cecilia is a women that lost her husband (he was on jail and waiting for the capital execution). For this reason she ask the grace to the captain of the prison, he accept on the condition she will spend the night with him. After an interior conflict, and pushed by her husband Cecilia accept but the day after she discover that the husband has hanged. … Read more »

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Me and Conflict – 2nd day

The work developed was finalized to explore the power that the people have. How the people live and are aware of the personal power. Different levels to express the power were analyzed: in the work in couple and then in the group. The morning session aimed at analyzing different strategies each one can you use in order to obtain the personal satisfaction. Then we had a specific session on “photo language”to find the imagines that would represent our idea of conflict. The guided question was “what conflict is for you”. The photo language was useful to observe that often its confuse the conflict management with the conflict : for example the war is not the conflict but the war is … Read more »

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Training on actors – The 1st day

The first day we had an intensive work on the first steps on theatre.
The work was aimed at exploring the space in different ways at developing our personal way of perceiving it and at reflecting on the group dynamics. The work on breath and concentration was finalized to make free and empty the mind : only loosing a part of our rationality and the way of representing ourself to the others its possible to deepen explore our feelings emotions and the hidden part of us.
Then we also developed the neutral position and the way of walking: how to avoid empty spaces when we are on the stage.
A specific session was dedicated to the representation of object use in the daily … Read more »